To be or to not be…. your own refuge!

To be or to not be.... your own refuge! What does it mean to be your own refuge? Does faith play a role in Buddhism?

五停心観 GOJŌSHIN-KAN – Five Hindrances Meditation

五停心観 GOJŌSHIN-KAN The Five Meditations for Stopping the mind, aka Five Meditations for mental stability, are a traditional set of Indian meditations taught by Zhiyi – the founder of Chinese Tiantai (Japanese Tendai). These traditaional practices are a way of calming the mind, eliminating the delusional mind, and for overcoming the Five Hindrances (五蓋) of… Continue reading 五停心観 GOJŌSHIN-KAN – Five Hindrances Meditation


‘SKILL IN MEANS’ The Sanskrit word ‘upāya’, or ‘Hōben 方便’ in Japanese, is translated as ‘expedient means’, or ‘skill in means’, or simply ‘skilful means’ (upāya kauśalya). This teaching features prominently in the Lotus Sutra, and also is a key component in Tendai philosophy. Simply put, upāya means to use wisdom to teach in a… Continue reading UPĀYA

Ichinen Sanzen

ICHINEN SANZEN 一念三千 3000 worlds in a single thought By Seishin Clark ‘3000 worlds in a single thought’ is a Tendai/Tientai doctrine created by the founder of Chinese Tientai, Chih-i (Zhiyi). In the following essay I hope to give a simple explanation of this incredibly important Tendai doctrine, although I feel I will not be… Continue reading Ichinen Sanzen