Tendai Buddhism in the UK

BUDDHISMWelcome! We are a traditional and official lineage of  Tendai Buddhism in the UK, located in Hythe, Hampshire, on the edge of the New Forest National Park. Anyone is welcome to join us for meetings, meditation, chanting, and teaching. As well as the importance of study and practice, the main principles we uphold are Ekayana and Upaya,... Continue Reading →

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Our Teachers

Ten’ei Ganshin Koji 天英巌真居士Reverend Ganshin Rock - Founder of Tendai UK1926-2014Rev. Ganshin Rock graduated from a grammar school in London, specializing in English. During World War II, he served as a glider pilot since he had studied aeronautical engineering. After the war, he lived in Japan as a corporate executive for a telecommunication company in Tokyo.During... Continue Reading →

Our Lineage

The question of lineage is important because you need to know whether someone has authenticity, authority, training and support. Tendai UK is an official Tendai sangha and has the full support of Rev Prof Shoshin Ichishima, an official Mt Hiei registered Tendai Priest, official Tendai Scholar (Kangaku 勧学) and teacher for many Western Priests, including our founder Ven Ganshin . We are connected... Continue Reading →

Daily practice example

Below is an example of a daily practice. Idealy we should seek out a teacher to help and guide us in our practice, however the below serves is a good place to start; Before beginning, wash your hands and rinse out your mouth. Wear clean comfortable clothing that appropriately covers the body. Light candles and incense... Continue Reading →

About Tendai Buddhism

The Shikan-Do 止観堂  temple, located in Hythe, Hampshire belongs to a Japanese school of Buddhism called ‘Tendai’. Below is a short guide to help understand Tendai Buddhism. Classification There are many different schools, or sects, of Buddhism, just like there are many different sects of Christianity. However, all the sects of Buddhism can be categorised... Continue Reading →

About Buddhism

Who was the Buddha? Buddhism is a path that was founded by Siddhartha Gautama. Born a Prince in Lumbini around 563BCE, he left the palace and his life of luxury at the young age of 29, to seek the answers to why we suffer, die and then are born again to suffer again, in an... Continue Reading →

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