Tendai in West Midlands

Buddhist Meditation for Beginners Starting this Summer

Starting this summer Tendai UK West Midlands will be running our first in a series of courses covering Buddhist meditation and mindfulness.

This will serve as an introduction to the basics of Buddhist meditation and will form the foundation for future courses. This course  will give you some useful tools for calming the mind and practising mindfulness in your day to day life, so there is no obligation to continue with further courses.

Initially basic posture for meditating while sitting on the floor, a chair, or lying down will be covered along with proper breathing. This way we hope to make meditation accessible to everyone regardless of any physical or health difficulties they might face.

Mindfulness of body is week two. We will see how we deal with things like aches, pains, itching and other bodily sensations.

Week 3 will covers mindfulness of our environment. Such as noises, coughs, shuffles, traffic, music etc.

The last week is all these elements together in one meditation. Fluid and transient. We are able to see the emptiness in these things and be able to not stress over things not in our control.

Click here for more details https://tendaiuk-westmids.co.uk/2017/02/06/meditation-beginners/

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