Most of our services are conducted on a Saturday for convenience of those with family and jobs. Where a traditional celebration falls on a weekday we will try to celebrate it on the nearest Saturday, where appropriate.

Sat 21st Sept. 11am-1pm – Ohigan (お彼岸), celebrating the Autumn Equinox. A time of balance and renewal of our practice of the 6 Perfections. We will have a puja and dharma talk, followed by meditation.

Sat 26th Oct. 11am-1pm – Gongyo practice. We will investigate the practice of Gongyo, what it is, its importance, and how to do it.

Sat 23rd Nov. 11am-1pm – Shimotsuki-e (霜月会), Zhiyi Memorial. Zhiyi was the defacto founder of Chinese Tiantai Buddhism, the parent of Japanese Tendai. On this special day we will investigate some of Zhiyi’s important teachings and practice Shikan meditation.

Sat 7th Dec. 11am-1pm – Jodo-e (成道会), celebrating the day the Buddha attained enlightenment according to the Japanese Calendar. We will investigate the Eight Fold Path and how to put it in to practice.

Tues 31st Dec. 9pm-10pm – Joya (除夜), New Years celebration. Please come and join us for a celebration of the coming year. We will hold a special service followed by ringing of the temple bell 108, symbolising the 108 mental afflictions and our wish to be rid of them. This is usually done over night and through to the morning of the 1st of Jan, however being a small temple in a residential area, our service is tailored for our circumstances. There will be no dharma talk at this event and it may be cancelled at short notice depending on weather.